John Dos Passos’ Prophecy in 1946: “Americans are Losing the Victory in Europe”

This is very interesting. Jessica’s Well is a Midland, Texas website that is pro-Bush. They have unearthed something quite interesting. In the January 7, 1946 issue of LIFE John Dos Passos, author of the USA trillogy as well as other major novels, offered a scathing critique of America’s actions in post-war Germany. He writes:

The troops returning home are worried. ìWeíve lost the peace,î men tell you. ìWe canít make it stick.î

A tour of the beaten-up cities of Europe six months after victory is a mighty sobering experience for anyone. Europeans. Friend and foe alike, look you accusingly in the face and tell you how bitterly they are disappointed in you as an American.

The irony is apparent. Although this clearly doesn’t mean that Iraq will end up as Germany did, it is worthy of a read.

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