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The Cato-Koch Suit: Analyzing The Kochs’ PR Statements

Since suing the Cato Institute in a dispute over the Institute’s shareholders’ agreement, the Koch Institute has issued a PR statement and Charles G. Koch has issued a personal statement.  (See Cato Chairman Robert A. Levy’s excellent response to the latter here). … Continue reading

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FOUNDSOUND: Lambchop “Give It”

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Listen to Captain Kirk: Don’t Worship the Constitution, Read it

The Economist is warning us of the “Perils of Constitution-Worship.” The piece attacks the tea partiers for holding the Constitution in too high of regard. Apparently “the constitution provides few answers to the hard questions thrown up by modern politics.” … Continue reading

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FOUNDSOUND: The Notwist “Gloomy Planets” w/ Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra

One of the best musical performances on YouTube from a criminally underappreciated band.

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Keeping LA County Safe From the Menace of Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs

A bacon-wrapped hot dog seems a nearly intolerably delectable treat. One of those gustatory delights that makes you feel slightly tawdry, if not unclean. Something that violates that many provisions of Leviticus is certain to raise eyebrows of the puritanical … Continue reading

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Praising Fast Food

At Utne Reader, Rachel Laudan has written a magnificent essay on food and the realities of “all natural” and “organic” offerings. In Praise of Fast Food is well worth a read. An excerpt: Historical myths, though, can mislead as much … Continue reading

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Cato’s Video on Filming Cops

Edited by my friend, roommate, and colleague Evan Banks. Good stuff:

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