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The Clientele Prove How Much They’re Underappreciated

From their amazing album God Save the Clientele

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American Serfdom?

Over at Slate, Timothy Noah is putting together an homage-a-Krugman; that is, a lengthy description of the growing inequality of America. I’m reading it with interest. So far, I am initially perturbed by the number of Krugman cites he has … Continue reading

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What Do American Children Need to Hear from Our Commander/Superman-in-Chief?

On Sept. 14 Obama will once again address American children in the classroom. Commander in Chief will become Chief DemaPedagogue. Last year’s speech created quite the hubub. And rightfully so. As Neal McCluskey pointed out, the speech was not only … Continue reading

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FOUNDSOUND: Bluebottle Kiss – “Homeless Blueless” (Live)

Excellent live performance. For fans of the Afghan Whigs, Primal Scream, general rock and/or roll.

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The 20-something Vote: Up For Grabs?

The N.Y. Times is reporting that fewer young voters see themselves as Democrats. This is a quite surprising development in such a short period of time. Obama seemed to fill the 18-29 year olds with energy and commitment. Alas, it … Continue reading

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Cash for Clunkers: A Failure by Even More Than We Thought it Would Be

In the “I Told You So” file: Over at the Boston Globe, Jeff Jacoby details the failure of the “cash for clunkers” program. We now have numbers to back up the dire prognostications from the pundits (read Cato adjunct scholar … Continue reading

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Argument ad Kochinem

Jane Mayer at the New Yorker recently did a shameless hit-piece on the Koch brothers and the think tanks and organizations they fund (often termed the “Kochtopus,” a creative name I’m willing to endorse). My employer, the Cato Institute, gets … Continue reading

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