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Listen to Captain Kirk: Don’t Worship the Constitution, Read it

The Economist is warning us of the “Perils of Constitution-Worship.” The piece attacks the tea partiers for holding the Constitution in too high of regard. Apparently “the constitution provides few answers to the hard questions thrown up by modern politics.” … Continue reading

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“The Plaintiff Clearly Brought this Suit Without Reading the Fucking Bill of Rights”: The Onion Makes a Statement about Free Speech That I’d Like to See Come from the Real Supreme Court.

In the latest Onion send up of the Supreme Court (I’m particularly fond of Supreme Court Rules Death Penalty is ‘Totally Badass’), they’ve managed to strike a resounding kernel of truth. In Supreme Court Upholds Freedom of Speech in Obscenity-Filled Ruling, … Continue reading

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As I Leave Law School, A Reminder: Law School Can Kill!

So says this article from 1900: Being an imminently graduating 3L, however, I must say that I find this line to be quite a stretch: “as this was his last year, he had been applying himself with unusual vigor.” Ha! … Continue reading

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Citizens United and Corporations as the Super Duper

I’ve been working my way through the Thursday’s landmark Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. Along the way I’ve been debating the case on Facebook, various forums I belong to, with friends at school, and with a … Continue reading

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