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Listen to Captain Kirk: Don’t Worship the Constitution, Read it

The Economist is warning us of the “Perils of Constitution-Worship.” The piece attacks the tea partiers for holding the Constitution in too high of regard. Apparently “the constitution provides few answers to the hard questions thrown up by modern politics.” … Continue reading

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American Serfdom?

Over at Slate, Timothy Noah is putting together an homage-a-Krugman; that is, a lengthy description of the growing inequality of America. I’m reading it with interest. So far, I am initially perturbed by the number of Krugman cites he has … Continue reading

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Argument ad Kochinem

Jane Mayer at the New Yorker recently did a shameless hit-piece on the Koch brothers and the think tanks and organizations they fund (often termed the “Kochtopus,” a creative name I’m willing to endorse). My employer, the Cato Institute, gets … Continue reading

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Government + Business + Backrooms = A Dangerous Situation

Below is a letter to the editor I submitted to the Washington Post: On Sunday, Chris Cillizza joined in criticizing Rep. Joe Blanton’s description of the Obama administration-BP deal as a “shakedown.” Although Blanton’s language and timing may have been … Continue reading

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Greece – Slowly Losing Its Country and Its Mind – Steps up to Toe the Line: “Capitalism is the Problem, A ‘Green’ Economy is the Solution”

Much ink has been spilled on the Greek crisis, deservedly so. Libertarians are quick to point out where our predicted demons have come home to roost. And, like so many others, I fear we’re only seeing the beginning of the … Continue reading

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