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UK’s Endangered Page 3 Girls: Some Governments Make-Work and Some Destroy an Honest Living

The UK paper the Sun, home of the famous NSFW Page 3 girls, has asked its readers to save the Page 3 girls from the dole queue. As they write (NSFW link at the bottom): Page 3 Girls in all … Continue reading

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The Oft-Forgotten Argument for the Death Penalty: What is the Value of Vengeance?

What is the value of vengeance? In Romania, a man has become a national hero after killing two men–a judge and a politician–who allegedly raped his daughter. Authorities had been completely incompetent in investigating the crime. He is currently on … Continue reading

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Your Elected Representatives at Work

Sometimes I think I could not hold a lower opinion of the functioning of government and the competency of our elected officials. Then, I see things like these videos. At best these videos demonstrate an extreme stupidity and lack of … Continue reading

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The Surreal Texas State Board of Education Meetings: The Religious Right Battles Its Own Super-Dupers

There are so many great arguments for a free-market education system that they are hardly worth repeating here. (I do suggest John Stossel’s “Stupid in America” as an excellent, digestible overview.) The American education system has become a surreal affair. … Continue reading

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More on Citizens United and Campaign Finance Reform

Below is an editorial I wrote for The Writ, the DU law newspaper, in response to a previously published editorial on the Citizens United decision: In 1972 the newly formed Federal Election Commission (FEC) brought its first enforcement action under … Continue reading

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